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FDCam.com 720p High-Def Helmet Camera
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2.26 oz
Heat resistant aircraft grade aluminum alloy

FDCam.com 720p High-Def Helmet Camera

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FDCam.com sent Willie and I each a camera to review. We received their 720p helmet cameras. They have now come out with a 1080p version.
FDCamNewFortunately, we can tell you that the helmet camera has held up well to this point. The video it captures is pretty decent with proper lighting (that goes for any video). The bad thing is that we haven’t had anything worthy of putting on our Youtube Channels TheFireCritic and Ironfiremen (Willie does have a response video on his channel when he was riding the car one day.)

The great news is that there are a bunch of firefighters using the FDCam.com cameras and they have uploaded video to Youtube (FDCamHD). You can check out their channel FDCamHD on Youtube which feature videos with tens of thousands of views!

Our cameras came ready to use out of the box. You can get the bundle including mini-SD card and BlackJack Flashlight Holder to put it right on your helmet and get to recording!

fdcam2If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that I can’t stand having stuff on my helmet. Luckily, I have gotten used to having a camera on my current helmet. It hasn’t been a big deal. I am still kind of new to the whole world of using a helmet camera, and yes I have missed some opportunities to use mine due to forgetting to turn it on or the battery being dead. However, I absolutely love seeing footage from helmet cameras and share helmet camera videos on FireCritic.com regularly.

Captain Wines adds:

The first thing you notice is the size. It’s small and seems unobtrusive. Then, you pick it up and realize how light it is! It’s almost unbelievable. The camera actually weighs less than the mounting bracket I use to mount it to my helmet. I was sure this was the “selling point” or best aspect of the camera. That was until I recorded my first video. The video quality was amazing and the audio just as impressive. I actually had to “mute” several test videos once uploaded to you tube. This camera doesn’t miss a thing! The footage is easily downloaded to your computer either via the chip or usb cord (both are provided). The only place I found the FD Cam lacking was in it’s supplied mounting devices. The good news here is that they offer several “options” but the honest answer is that I chose to use the alternative device in the Black Jack Holder which without a doubt worked best for me best and is available via FDCam.com.

About their 720p model: 1280x720p High Def Video wrapped up in 2.26 oz of heat resistant aircraft grade aluminum alloy.

Here are some tips for using the 720p helmet camera:

  • Don’t subject the camera to sustained high heat like the burn building. It can withstand temps in excess of 900 degrees, but can become heat soaked.
  • Avoid dropping it or undue shock.
  • Don’t point it at bright light like the sun.
  • Don’t submerge it. It is certified to IP-65.
  • Charge it weekly. A normal charge should be good for 2 hours of filming.

Their 720p model is currently out of stock, but check out their new 1080p model.


FDCam PDF Info page


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Rating: 5.0/10 (11 votes cast)
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FDCam.com 720p High-Def Helmet Camera, 5.0 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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