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Ladder Pride by Firehouse Pride
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Ladder Pride by Firehouse Pride

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At FDIC this year, I bumped into some guys I have gotten to know over the past few years. They come from some of the busiest and highest respected departments in the Nation. Firehouse Pride is about “Pride”, and as you know Willie and I preach Honor, Respect, Tradition, and Pride! Their products aren’t just about showing off your pride though. Many of the products are innovative and serve a purpose on the fireground. They will assure you that none of their products are gimmicks.

Some of their products include: Ladder Pride, Tool Pride, Company Pride, Helmet Pride, and Training Pride.

firehouse pride and fire critic on fire product reviewWe received their product aptly named “Ladder Pride”. It is given that I do not work on a truck, but this Ladder Pride isn’t just for the truckies…Engines have ladders too! They hooked me up with custom lime green Ladder Pride for our engine #3.

Not only does our Ladder Pride help differentiate our ladders from others, but it shows off our pride in our company. In addition, it is reflective…aiding in safety on the fireground.

In addition, they offer a balance point kit for ladders. This helps in saving time and effort in finding the balance point for carrying the ladder. I have also found that it helps the other shifts figure out the correct placement of the ladders back on the engine with the lettering out and right side up (they don’t get it right every time though!)

firehouse pride and fire critic roanoke 2 on fire product reviewThe Ladder Pride is available for both solid beam ladders or pumper style ladders. The product can be custom created on their web site

This product is one of those economical additions to your rigs that can add company pride and safety all at once. I look for more great things from Firehouse Pride in the future!

Firehouse Pride is dedicated to providing you with quality products from the minds of experienced firefighters around the Country. Some are service spawned, others are pride based, but none are “gimmicks”. Members and contributors of Firehouse pride are from all different backgrounds and departments with a common bond of a love for the job of firefighting. This website is our attempt to bring you one place to find some of the most innovative and interesting products in today’s fire service. – From the web site


You can now customize your new ladder wraps sizes on our website! Pick from 48″, 24″ & 18″ wraps, 5 different colors, 3 different fonts and with or without balance point markers! Pride & Safety you can see starting at only $42.95 per ladder! Check it out!

firehouse pride and fire critic roanoke on fire product review

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Rating: 8.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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Ladder Pride by Firehouse Pride, 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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