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Fire Dex FDX G1 Firefighting Glove
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Sizes: XS-XXL
60+ TPP

Fire Dex FDX G1 Firefighting Glove

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FDXG1NPair_1a83We recently had the opportunity to review the Fire Dex FDX G1 Firefighting Glove.

It’s a great looking glove with a good feel but, compared with other recent glove reviews; I feel the FDX G1 fell short of my expectations.

There are several things I liked about the glove…

  • Construction. This glove seemed very well built. It reality, it is. The FDX G1 offers a 5 Layer Back – 2 layers of Kovenex-R ®, 1 layer of breathable Pyrotect™ moisture barrier, 1 layer of reverse grain pig, and 1 layer of full grain cowhide.
  • Protection. The FDX G1 also offers a 60+ TPP (Thermal Protection Performance) rating.
  • Made in the USA (Ohio).

Fire Dex FDX G1 firefightingGloveI ran the glove through the paces. I actually have been wearing a different manufacturers glove on each hand for some time now. I even had a well respected / trusted Brother review them as well (he too wore 2 different gloves, one being the FDX G1)

  • Despite Fire Dex’s attempt at comfort and fit, I found the glove “bulky” (I have a small, narrow hand and I should add that the FDX G1 comes in sizes XS-XXL). I liked the seamless fingers of the glove but this feature did not take away from the bulkiness.
  • I didn’t like how the palm support ran perpendicular with the glove rather than at an angle like some other brands. I felt as if this added to the bulk of the glove while taking away from it’s dexterity.
  • The pair I tested had the wrist-let sewn into the glove (they offer them without). This longer glove made for a poor fit seeing as how my turnout coat is already equipped with wrist-lets. With some manufacturers, this is not an issue due to the material used in the glove wrist-let. With the FDX G1, it caused a “bunching” problem and opened the possibility of exposure.
  • The FDX G1 boasts having a porous hide offering the greatest breathability, which becomes softer with use. While the glove did seem to “breath” well, I did not like how it performed donning and doffing when wet.

Fire Dex FDX G1 glove with coatFire Dex offers 7 different gloves as well as many other products for Firefighting, USAR, Wildland and EMS. Use the links above to browse all Fire Dex has to offer.

From Captain Phil Dillon, Roanoke Fire/EMS:

“I’d like to thank FireProductReview.com for the opportunity to test this product. I liked the look and feel of this glove until I put it on. Once on my hand, I found it bulky, lacking dexterity and a poor fit. I especially didn’t like how it fit at the wrist. Both the glove and my coat have wrist-lets and they were not compatible. I would have liked to tried the same glove in a shorter version, without the wrist-lets.”


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Rating: 8.1/10 (8 votes cast)
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Fire Dex FDX G1 Firefighting Glove, 8.1 out of 10 based on 8 ratings