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1st In Leather Custom Leather Helmet Shield
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1st In Leather Custom Leather Helmet Shield

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393006_351384928317497_1858005690_n1st In Leather is a newer start-up company out of Jacksonville, NC featuring custom leather firefighting products including: Custom Helmet Fronts, Passports, Suspenders, Glove Straps, & Key Chains.

Mikey Hillmann is the man/firefighter behind the new company which has been around for a year now. When he started out, he quickly contacted me about doing a review for a helmet shield. In the spirit of Brotherhood, I asked if he would make a shield for one of our firefighters at #3. He didn’t hesitate. After all, I have plenty of shields.

I cannot remember the design process, but I probably told Mikey the firefighters name and informed him that we were known as the “Green House”. We sometimes use the Hulk as our mascot. After that, I said (as I always do) to do what he wants. Make something he is proud of and that we will like. The surprise is in the delivery when we get it.

217018_613806461980370_902555536_nMikey shared a couple of photos along the way. I knew quickly that this was going to be a one of a kind custom shield that Hull (the firefighter getting it) would love.

The attention to detail in the hand pressed and painted shield is excellent. I couldn’t have even thought up a design this detailed. The shield has gotten a ton of great comments since Hull put it on his lid.

Mikey sent a couple of keychains and a glove strap as well. They are a little more basic than a time intensive custom shield, but perfect non-the-less.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the work of 1st In Leather and have recommended them quite a few times in the past. We look forward to the growth that 1st In Leather has had over the past year and many years to come.

Here is a pretty neat little fact about 1st In Leather:

All our shield are made from the same leather as Cairns Sam Houstons and New Yorkers. The scraps discarded from the manufacturer are turned into shield, glove straps, and key chains. Kind of a green company if you look at it. Re-purposing and recycling.


To order, simply hit them up on their Facebook Page, blog, or email Mikey at: Mh1stinleather@hotmail.com

293751_449992128371482_109540840_nAbout 1st in Leather


Make a quality product that the customer loves to show off and lasts through your career!

Company Overview

Providing Customers With A Product That Shows Pride In The Job


We take requests from customers for Custom Helmet Shields both as Presentation and for Service. We also personalize and make customized leather suspenders and glove straps. Send your orders to mh1stinleather@hotmail.com, Mikey will take care of your order in a very timely manner.

General Information

Feel free to message us with your ideas for quotes on work. Shields are priced well under what you would expect. We have a selection of BLANK shields that you can print off, design/draw onto, scan, and send back to ensure you get EXACTLY what you want.

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Rating: 6.9/10 (7 votes cast)
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1st In Leather Custom Leather Helmet Shield, 6.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings


  1. AJ
    May 9, 2013, 1:06 pm

    I’ve ordered a few things from 1st in Leather now. My duty shield was made exactly the way I wanted it. Mikey took my request and made it look far better then what I imagined. It is definitely built to last, along with my matching glove strap. He has great communication, and keep you well updated on the process. LIving out west, my shield was packaged and shipped very fast.
    I’ve just ordered my second shield from 1st in Leather, to help promote my little side business. Nothing catches peoples eye better then a custom leather shield. Awesome work! Made by a firefighter, for a firefighter. I’ll definitely order from 1st in Leather again.

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