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Fire Helmet Camera™ – Fire Cam Mini HD
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Size: 86x30x33mm
Weight: 3.31 oz.
Video: 1080 HD @ 30 fps

Fire Helmet Camera™ – Fire Cam Mini HD

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Good: 1080 HD @ 30 fps
Bad: You have to remember to turn it on!
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Rating: 5.7/10 (122 votes cast)

fire cam mini hdFire Helmet Camera™ (FireVideo.net) is owned and operated by firefighter Rob Schield. Rob has put a lot of time and effort over the years in creating helmet cameras that can withstand some of the harshest environments we put them through. He continually redesigns the cameras due to thoughts from users as well as implementing new technology. This progressive design has kept the Fire Cam in the forefront of firefighter helmet cameras.

I have been wearing the Fire Cam Mini HD for several months. One thing you should know about me is that cannot stand having “stuff” on my helmet. I do wear a helmet strap, but I don’t have anything tucked into it. The main reason I don’t like having stuff on my helmet is because it can make your helmet list to one side. Luckily for me, the Mini HD only weighs 3.31 oz. It truly is “mini” at only 86x30x33mm.

The Fire Cam MIni HD records video in 1080 HD @ 30 fps AND can record in 720 HD @ 60 fps with a 170 degree wide angle lens, the Fire Cam Mini HD is also one of the smallest helmet cameras in the WORLD!  The camera is made of heat resistant anodized aluminum with a heat resistant glass lens specifically designed for interior firefighting.

The Fire Critic says:

This camera is top-notch. Not only does it record in 1080 HD, it can take the heat. Obviously, one of the biggest concerns about wearing a piece of technology like a helmet mounted camera is whether or not it can withstand the heat of some of the fires we go in. Another concern for those of us who chose to wear helmet cameras is whether or not it will fog up when we change atmospheres. I haven’t had this problem at all.

The Fire Cam Mini HD is the camera I recommend to most due to its size and ability.

Don’t sell yourself short by purchasing a camera without the warranty that the Fire Helmet Camera™ comes with (read more about it below).

firevideo fire camCOVERED by the ”FIRE CAM DAMAGE” WARRANTY! ALL Fire Helmet Cameras™ are covered under the ”Fire Cam Damage” warranty. If your cameras components get damaged in a fire, you are covered for a FREE replacement.  Just call or email us and let us know. We are the ONLY Fire Helmet Camera™ manufacturer and the ONLY company that offers this amazing deal. Multiple order discounts available.

Your camera will also come with:

The BJ004 BlackJack mount specifically designed for Fire Cam is INCLUDED! It also comes with a water resistant sound cap (for audio) and a waterproof cap capable of going UNDERWATER for 33FT! Other accessories that come with the Fire Cam MINI HD are 2 spare rechargeable batteries, USB cable and battery charger. The Fire Cam MINI HD™ has a new “vibrate” technology. When turning ON / OFF or RECORD, the camera “vibrates” for a second to let you know it is on / off or recording. The Fire Cam MINI HD needs to use a CLASS 6 or CLASS 10 Micro SDHC card for the smoothest video. It is recommended that you use a 16GB card as an 8GB card will be full in 50 minutes in 1080 mode. Please check out the video on the Fire Cam MINI HD!


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Rating: 5.7/10 (122 votes cast)
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Fire Helmet Camera™ - Fire Cam Mini HD, 5.7 out of 10 based on 122 ratings


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  2. I Mac
    June 24, 2013, 3:24 pm

    Love my camera!! Been using it for awhile now and the quality of picture is amazing.
    I would love to see them make some kind of light for it, maybe a flashlight that can hook to it or maybe a built in light.

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