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Custom Leather Suspenders – Leatherhead Concepts
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H-Back Style
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Custom Leather Suspenders – Leatherhead Concepts

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leatherhead-concepts-240x170Captain Wines and I received custom leather suspenders from Leatherhead Concepts.

They are our second pair of leather suspenders, and the first set of H-back style suspenders.

We love them.

As with all of the custom leather companies we have been in contact with over the years, Leatherhead Concepts puts quality first. They spared no detail in making us high quality suspenders that will last for years.

We actually like the H-back style a little better than the standard cross style as they tend to stay up on your shoulders a little better.

Leatherhead Concepts offers several different custom leather products in black, natural, and burgundy.

Captain Wines wears his on his department gear on the job. I have kept mine on my personal set of Morning Pride turnout gear that I use for training, stair climbs, and other events.


About Leatherhead Concepts:

Leatherhead concepts, was founded by Chris Bernardi in the 2009 as a simple hobby to make fire helmet shields as gifts for his crew at the firehouse. Chris a Captain in a County Fire Department in Modesto, wanted his crew to have custom shields with personality, not mass produced plain fronts.  After producing the first Seven Shields for his crew and fire chief, people began asking if he could make shields for their helmets. Chris was obliged to make these for them, as it was a enjoyable hobby, that paid for itself. after receiving shields, many customers asked if Chris could produce other items, such as Axe Belts, Radio Straps and even a Leather Chinstrap. Read more here


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Rating: 5.7/10 (15 votes cast)
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Custom Leather Suspenders - Leatherhead Concepts, 5.7 out of 10 based on 15 ratings

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